6am Therapy

Look inside Michael Wollpert’s new gym “Train Chicago” at 6am and you’ll see a chilsed trainer standing next to a treadmill where I am running.

Why do I pay someone much dinero to push the buttons for me during the 30 min portion of our workout? It’s simple…if I didn’t have to wake-up at 5am and run at various speeds and inclines- I wouldn’t.

Normally I drag myself out of bed thinking of excuses not to go- walk into the gym cranky and hop on the treamill to warm up.

Without fail my mood twists within minuets. “Hi Kitten!” Michael calls out as he fires up the treadmill and asks me for an update on my romantic life, work and what my fitness plan is for the upcoming days.

If I’m stressed- Michael spends the second half of class doing boxing drills to take out agression. When I’m in a good mood he’ll come up with creative fun ways to challenge me.

I always walk out refressed, destressed and a few lbs lighter (in my head).

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