Great Lead

“Be yourself- everyone else is taken.”

I heard this from an incredible speaker named Matthew on Tuesday and it immediately resonated with me.

“I want a body like Rachel Bilson’s.”

“Give me hair like Marisa Miller’s.”

“Well, I guess my new hair is like Gwyneth Paltrow’s…”

“If only I could cook like the Mrs.!”

Too often I find myself trying to achieve traits that others have, when in reality- I should just listen to my instincts and rock what’ I’m feeling at the moment.

Confidence is fleeting.

I walked out of my meeting filled with confidence for about 5 mins, then I made a phone call- admitted a mistake and felt relieved, yet down again. Then as quickly as it left, confidence returned at dinner with some guy friends who casually pointed out positive traits and made me feel like the rockstar I am to them.

Afterward one of my friends thanked me for helping restore his confidence that evening and promised to repay the favor by taking me for a nice meal. I assured him- it wasn’t necessary- that’s what friends do, listen and then pay forward the love and good juju.

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