BP and O2

After having a cold for nearly three weeks, I decided to kick it with a Blue Print Cleanse.

Last time I did the three day juice fast I was nearly insane with hunger and I drank lots of vodka. Sure, I felt skinny by date three…but I had no idea if it really worked since I cheated.

This time around was much easier, perhaps I was more mentally prepared. By day two I was golden….until I was asked to dinner. Most guys I know aren’t fans of girls who show up to dinner with bottles of juice, so I “juiced till dinner” and ate very healthy small portions.

Sunday I was back on the juice and continued with the extras from Saturday on Monday morning.

After three and a half days, my nose is completely cleared up and my intern Victor said “Woah, you look refreshed.”

Hmm, I’d say it worked.

Right behind that cleanse came another- Keri Glassman’s O2 Diet Cleanse.

This one involves food, and a decent amount. She promises up to 5lbs gone after only 4 days, so starting today I’m giving it a try.

The cleanse deets will be posted on CheekyChicago.com Wednesday.

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