About Last Night

Normally I dread social functions, and come up with any excuse to skip them.

Even though I was running on 3 hours of sleep- I was looking forward to all three events I was attending Thursday evening.

6:30 pm: Left my dressed for Miami, not 30 degree Chicago and got dropped off at Greer, a stationary shop in Old Town for the launch of my friend Jessica Murnane’s new stationary line called Suitor. http://www.suitor.com

The store was packed with familar faces and the room had a great vibe. Jessica is one of the coolest chicks I know- so it makes sense that she attracks amazing people.

7:45 pm: Walked into Saks an hour and a half late for the CheekyChicago.com fashion show. The store was still filled with familar faces…the kind you want to have a conversation with- not avoid. I love events in stores, I can see and hear everyone. Cheeky parties are really becoming rad events- with a diverse mix of cool people.

8:15 pm: Had a hilarious journey with Vince and Lonnie from Genuine Entertainment to the after party at J-Bar. J-Bar’s publicist and my friend Amanda Puck decided to have an impromptu photo shoot- and all of us instantly got silly.

9:30 pm:  I joined the Zapwater PR ladies and Bob Patrizi at Swirl before we headed over to…

10:15 pm: Halo’s fashion show at Underground. My awesome former intern Lauren Tallon joined and Pat Brown hooked us up with a table right at the end of the runway. The place had been transformed into a speakeasy for the event and it was an amazing crowd.

More nights like these and my FOMF maycome back…

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