On The Road With Oprah

Kind of.

Sunday (the day after MSU was knocked out of the final four by Butler) I road tripped it to Indy with the Halo for Men Salon crew.

Oprah featured Halo months ago along with Carson Kressley and Tim Gunn- providing makeovers for men who needed them. The ratings were so hot that Oprah came calling again.

Bob Patrizi, his right hand woman Liz, stylist Elise, employee Mike Felton, friends Mikey Farah, Jerry McFly and myself tagged along for the shoot. We stopped on the way for some killer grilled cheese sandwiches and went on a Sunday night bar crawl that ended at Steak N Shake.

On Monday I got to meet Carson outside the giant tour bus where the make overs were taking place. This man is so full of life and love for his job that it’s inspiring to be around him.

We watched him pull some guys from the Butler pep rally (gag) and Hooters. Bob and I drove his assistant Tobin an hour out of town for a dog leash! Anything for the O.

I can’t wait to see how the “purple shirts” aka- Oprah’s super producers- take the hours of material and turn it into a show.

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