Another Piano Man

Ben Folds is one of my favorite artists, and has been since junior high.

I remember blaring “Battle of Who Could Care Less” when I was angry with my 8th grade boyfriend Trevor. Trevor now has a beautiful family, and I am still using Ben’s melodies to deal with heartbreak.

In college I played “The Luckiest” with a boyfriend I was convinced I’d spend forever with, and then had “Landed” on repeat on my i-pod in LA hoping the lyrics would become my reality.

I’ve attempted to hear Ben live a few times, all unsuccessful for reasons ranging from getting kicked out of the Michigan Ave Apple store when I tried to sneak into a private show, to being in an adjacent room at Lolla unaware that he was next door giving a free private show.

During this 3 day stint in Chicago I was determined to see one of the three shows, and posted my desire for tickets as my Facebook status. Within mins I had two promising offers- 1 from a complete stranger who ended up coming through and leaving two tickets for me at Will Call.

I took my friend Lindsey Huff, who’s also a fan and together we hustled up to the front row and danced even during the slow songs.

Ben played “Annie Waits”- which is my most recent anthem after dating a guy who was late or stood me up so often that my friends started taking bets on if he’d show. I’ve since wizened up and filed him away with the other ex’s- but I won’t be pausing that song anytime soon.

I asked the man I shared “landed” with about how he feels when he listens to the song now- and discovered that most men hear music, while women love the actual lyrics. After consulting a few guy friends- this theory proved true for most…which makes me think that I’d rather not be a notch on a bedpost or a line in a song.

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