Vela What?

I hate my arms and I’m not afraid to admit it.

No matter how many miles I run, carbs I omit or downward dogs I hold- my arms refuse to shrink.

I’m always intrigued by the latest ways technology promises to improve our bodies. Most recently I saw an advertisement for Zeltiq in my dermatologist’s office, a new treatment that reduces fat by cooling problem areas. However, I was informed that my arms weren’t a proper candidate so my search continued.

Enter VelaShape.

The  American Laser Centers have performed over 5.3 million treatments in more than 175 clinics across the country one of those treatments is VelaShape.

Vela is a series of treatments that helps us lose the stubborn parts of our bodies- for me it’s the arms.

I had my first treatment yesterday not having any idea what to expect.

My American Laser Center is in the Water Tower, close and convenient which is important since I’ve got to go once a week. The office is filled with friendly cute females who made me feel totally at ease. Dolly, who runs the office, was up front with me about the fact that the arms would hurt. I like honesty- but let her know  I could take it. She said that the upper thigs and booty hardly hurt at all, those are the areas most people ask for.

The machine looks like a little vacuum, and feels like someone is pinching your arm while holding a lighter under it. It is painful as hell.

BUT- after the 20 min session I swore my arms already looked tighter. The girls measured me before I went in- so next week we shall see if there are any real results yet…I’ve been told to wait until session four before I get excited.

Too late- let the fun begin!

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