Get Educated

The next two weeks are filled with work, events, charity functions and celebrations.

To prepare I’ve tried my best to be good to my body and relax.

I’ve boosted my health with treatments from Karyn’s, some B12 booster shots and visits to the American Laser Center for vela and microderm.

I’ve also been loving on some Kate Somerville tanning towelettes. I interviewed Kate last week at the Trump Hotel and Spa where she took one look at my fading airbrush tan and begged me to try her self-tanning method instead. The tanning wipes deliver a less intense, even glow that looks natural both on camera and in person. I’m a fan, and they don’t rub off like airbrush does. However- there is still nothing like a great spray tan.

For the relaxation portion I skipped all events this week and enjoyed the Hawks game at Halo Salon in their theater room with some close friends and popcorn. I also finally saw the film: “An Education”. Carrie Mulligan, who was nominated for an Oscar, captured my attention from the first moment she was on screen. Sadly, I could identify with this film… and can safely say this will be one I watch multiple times. Must see.

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