Cobra Starship

For every person who hates Twitter, there is another who loves it. (Me)

Thanks to the social networking site, I was able to offer some hair help to Victoria Asher who plays keytar in one of my favorite bands- Cobra Starship- when she was in Chicago a few weeks ago.

Victoria went above and beyond, and offered me a backstage pass for thier show at Bamboozle Saturday.

I met up with my friend Rebecca Carins (the rockstar behind Code of Conduct) and a bunch of other Chicago friends who were buddies with the various band members.

Here were some of the highlights:

  • Spelling lessons from Marcus De Jesus
  • Glasses for sweater swap with Alex Suarez
  • Seeing first hand what the shower conditions are like for bands on the road (think port-a-potty)
  • Meeting Gabe Saporta
  • Sharing a cab with Caiti Beth and JP
  • Watching the show from the side stage
  • Seeing awesome friends in one place
  • Veronica Vaughn-style sweater from Sofia
  • Lauren Dillon’s assistance with the after party
  • Kitchen hangs with the Wood brothers
  • Photos by Tyler Curtis

Lesson: give good karma and you’ll get it back in return.

Concert View

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