Are You Fit Enough?

If you were anywhere near the Park Hyatt Hotel in Chicago on Sunday- you may have noticed a lot of girls wearing pink workout gear.

Bright Pink, a charity close to my heart that educated women on breast cancer, held it’s first annual “Fit Fest” from 9am to 5pm.

Each participant raised a minium of 200 dollars and went thru a fun, but grueling 6 hours of classes taught by some of the top instructors around the city. The gals also received a ZON(e) Bright Pink yoga mat which came in handy for the two yoga and pilates classes.

My favorite class was Cardio Hip Hop, where we were taught a routine and then danced it over and over for 45 mins. By the end we were drenched in sweat and all laughing. Ashley Bond- who is a Luvabull was dancing next to me, and her moves put mine to SHAME!

Freshii and Protein Bar provided lunch, and SmartWater kept us hydrated all day long. In the end $21,000 dollars was raised and we all made some new friends. It was a refreshing (yet tiring!) way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

(trying to) dance for charity

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