Poker Face

Wednesday the Hotel Sax was filled with Chicago athletes, media personalityes and poker players all showing support former Bear Jerry Azumah’s ASAP Foundation.

The night kicked off with a cocktail party and it was great to see so many people I’ve worked with in the past like Mouth Piece Sport’s Mitch Robinson (I was his intern in 2002!) and CNS’s Pat Boyle.

I was seated with NBC’s Natalie Martinez and Michigan Avenue Mag’s Amy and Liza along with several other players who looked like they were ready to kick my booty.

As a “bounty player” when I was forced to go all in, the person who bumped me out got a prize. I lasted long enough to make it to another table- despite taunting from both Jerry and Lance Briggs.

After I was bounced from the tables, I headed over to Lucky Strike for the Michigan State coaches reception. It was great to see Coach Izzo, Dantonio, Comely and Minkel.  A big thanks to John Lewandowski who called and invited me to the event. After tossing a few balls in the gutter (whoops) and calling coach Mariucci with Izzo, I headed out to the ASAP after party held back at the Sax.

And the rest my friends… is classified.

Me and Tara Flocco

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