Rent The Runway

We live in the age of Facebook- where you attend an event, and within seconds a photo pops up for your network of friends, co workers and professional contacts to see.

Let’s say you attend a lot of events- and GASP- don’t want to repeat a dress or an outfit- or spend a ton of $$$- there’s a website to the rescue: breaks down dresses by color, style, occasion, body type and designer.

Say you’re a 6 in Nicole Miller, but a 4 in Hermes? No problem- they send you two sizes of the same dress- FOR FREE!

Now, maybe you’ve never tried on an Herve Leger and you’re worried it may be too skin tight- no fear ’cause for 25 bucks more you get a back up dress “just in case”.

It’s pretty amazing.

You can rent the dress for either 4 or 8 days and accessories are available as well- and pre-selected for you.

The best part? (Aside from wearing designer dresses for a fraction of cost) They also send you packaging to send them back- pre paid post.

You need to apply for the site, but it only takes but a day…enjoy.

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