The Girl and the Goat

Top Chef is my favorite show- hands down. Kinda ironic since I’m a “segan” (seafood vegan) and don’t eat most of the dishes the contestants prepare! I love watching the creativity and talent the chefs display during the challenges and I often root for the underdog.

Lucky for me, living in Chicago I get to enjoy food from former contestants like Stephanie Izard who is on the verge of opening her new restaurant “The Girl and the Goat”.

Last night I was invited to a private friends and family dinner to test out the food and service before it opened to the public.

From the moment I walked in, I was a fan of the large, dark, inviting room. The open kitchen allowed us to see the line of cooks doing their thing- and Stephanie running the show.

Our table of four shared dishes from each section of the menu: V (veggie), F (fish) and M (meat). My favorite dishes were the skate- prepared with calamari and roasted cherry tomatoes and the giant sea scallops.

Goat obviously plays a part in most of the dishes and the meat eaters at the table couldn’t stop talking about the delicious goat pizza. Another favorite? Crispy pig’s face. (Ewwww! To me, unreal to them)

We finished off the meal with a delicious blueberry dessert and many compliments to our Top Chef.

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