LeBron + Lohan.

Tick tock….hopefully after 8pm tonight when LeBron James (who’s ego and persona is so big that is nickname is “King”) will have announced his new home and we can all go back to talking about subjects that truly interest us.

I’ll admit- if I didn’t live in Chicago, a city who is vying for his attention, I truly would care less where he ended up. BUT- since most of my friends are consumed with this trade- I listen to their bad jokes and speculations.

They in turn listen to me report Lindsay Lohan news.

Lose/Lose if you ask me!

Also 8pm means I’ll be sitting in a room with roughly 50 people I have come to truly enjoy here in Chicago, eating food from Mercadito and drinking Don Julio.

Thank you CS Magazine for creating a loft experience as an escape from LeYawn.

*credit Fred- founder of Exhale for the nickname.

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