ESPY Awards 2010

Lolla, Super Bowl and ESPY Awards- three of my favorite days of the year.

This year’s awards were extra special for two reasons: 1. I actually had tickets to the awards and after parties and didn’t have to sneak in. and 2. I got to attend with Rebecca Besser and her crew.

The fun kicked off with a dinner at Ceccioni’s hosted by Mary Ann Murphy- Rebecca, her daughter Rachel and friend Gail and I were treated to amazing food and a wonderful group of Mary Ann’s friends.

Next stop- ESPN’s pre ESPY party hosted by the New Orleans Saints and Big Boi from OutKast. Every where we looked there were old colleagues, friends and current super star athletes. We bumped into Chicago hero Pat Kane who enjoyed the music almost as much as we did.

LA was blessed with sunshine the day of the awards and it was one of the hottest red carpet’s I’ve ever been on. WTF sighting? Arsenio Hall! Dude had no shame doing his famous fist pump.

The awards were the funniest I’ve ever seen- and I think I scared a few people with my laugh during the Peyton Manning/Blind Side spoof. We were sitting right next to Bobby Brown and performer Janelle Monae- who killed it with her powerful voice.

The after parties were a blur- sensory overload. From Quentin Aaron (Big Mike!) waiting in line with us at the W, to Coach Payton introducing himself, Brooklyn Decker and January Jones looking flawless in person, meeting Andy Samburg, catching up with TO and Darren Sharper and hanging with my ESPN producers Neil and Michael and my old boss EW.

But the hilite of the night had to be waiting in line for the after party with Craig Robinson. I’m a huge Office fan and all I can say is that this guy needs a bigger role- he’s hilarious.

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