Half Marathon x 2

I’ve learned that symbols mean much more than:

😉 I’m kidding!
😦 I’m bummed
😮 I’m shocked!

Sometimes 😉 means, “on camera”- like in the case of the Chicago Rock N Roll half marathon.

When my friend Giuliana Rancic sent me the following text:
“Hey- u running the rock n roll? wanna run together? 😉 ”

Lots of thoughts ran through my mind including; I dont run well with other people, I haven’t trained, can I keep up with her and vice versa. NO!

But my response was “yes”.

2 weeks later I was sitting in the lobby of Giuliana’s condo building at 4:45am getting mic’ed up for the 13.1 mile race that we would be running ON CAMERA as part of her reality show: Giuliana and Bill.

😉 (?!!?!?!?!)

As we crossed the finish line, holding hands, both of us were overcome with emotion. She was running for family members who had passed away from cancer- I was running for all the Bright Pink girls. Both of us proved to ourselves that we can do anything- and are willing to push ourselves.

We didn’t stop, or walk and we beat Jake Pavelka- aka the Bachelor!

It was an amazing experience, but in the future I will make sure to always clarify texts with symbols 😉

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  1. Steve says:

    I agree: there’s nothing like finishing an event like that, especially when you are doing it in the honor of a charity. I have yet to recapture the feeling from my first marathon….. both the accomplishment and the running in memory of my Dad.

    So, are you running the Chicago 1/2 marathon this weekend? Another chance to raise money and keep the running alive! Hope to see you there running or at least covering it and bringing it to the masses.

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