Take Charge

Saturday’s Prevention Magazine didn’t exactly go as planned- does anything?

For starters- the tented event took place in the rain.

Then the 10,000 people who were supposed to show up- amounted to a MUCH smaller number.

BUT- it was still an afternoon that recharged my love for the career I’ve chosen.

Hoda Kotb is a total pro- from the moment we were introduced, I felt like I could speak openly around her without judgment. We chatted about the crazy situations popping up with female sports reporters along with Prevention staffers like old friends.

She impressed me by asking about my background and was as far from a diva as you can get- even laughing when she looked out and saw the small crowd saying; “Kelli, let’s just go out there and have fun!”

And we did.

Interviewing a TV veteran can’t be called “work”- the two of us really just had a conversation. On a stage. In front of a crowd.

Afterward we chatted and took photos together along with Dara Torres who I interviewed next.

Similar to Hoda- Dara was low drama and extremely nice. She’s got a rockin’ bod that looks more feminine in person than in photos.

Before we walked onto the stage she told me to throw away my questions and just chat with her- I told her they were my security blanket. She got the superstition.

The theme of the day was “take charge” which reminded me, we all have the power to become who we desire to be.


  1. Kerry Sivia says:

    Hi Kelli!

    I was at this event and you were amazing! I am just wondering if it is possible to view your interview with Hoda online anywhere. I thought you asked a lot of great questions. As an aspiring journalist, I would love to hear Hoda’s answer to your question about advice for young journalists.

    Kerry Sivia

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