Hide Your Halloween-ies!

Every year I like to dress as a “hot topic”.

Two years ago: Sarah Palin- I wore a one piece Budwiser 80’s bathing suit, wig, glasses, heels and Miss Alaska sash.

Last year: Twitter Bird! A costume I made by hand the day of Halloween consisted of lots of glue and 50 dollars worth of blue feathers.

This year I’m semi stumped. I’d like to do a couples theme with my guy- and we came up with:

Jenn Sterger and Brett Favre
Chilean Miner and his mistress

Both of these aren’t the easiest to make look totally awesome and believable.

Danny Zucko and Sandra Dee are also on the table since Chef is a dead ringer for a young Travolta.

Sorry mom- he’s not dressing as me this year!

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