Dark Side

After a year of debating and deliberating I finally dyed my blonde hair dark brown.

My stylist Alexis at Taylor Reese on Maple Street wasn’t excited about the idea, afterall he had taken me from a botched color job to a beautiful blonde- but once he realized that I was either getting it done by him or someone else- he obliged.

It’s a fascinating thing- how much value women put on their hair. As I sat with the dye taking me several shades darker I had women coming over to me asking if I was afraid or saying “wow is it getting DARK!”.

While in the past I may have freaked out- now I’m at a point where I realize hair can be changed and it grows back.

4 hours after he began, Alexis admitted he had been wrong to try and stop me- we both loved the dark.

I’ve had mostly positive feedback, but every time someone asks “Why would you do that?” or “Well- do YOU like it?”- it sends me back to that insecure place that no one wants to feel.

The most important thing is that I like- love it. My boyfriend is pretending to like it. (!) And my co workers have been nothing but supportive.

Now- to find out who has more fun…

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