True Awesomeness

Interviewing celebs at nightclubs is never fun.

They are often late (think midnight), sometimes drunk, and arrive with an entourage of people who heckle them or try to get them to avoid the press they agreed to do.

Saturday night started off just like that. A group of journalists and photographers patiently waited almost an hour at Underground in Chicago for True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten to arrive.

When he finally showed up he was accompanied by roughly 15 people who had probably consumed some adult beverages and were loudly acting as the peanut gallery while Ryan did press.

Thankfully this Aussie salvaged everything with his kindness and patient personality.

Since it was his birthday I brought him a cupcake- and Ryan got really excited- regardless of how really felt exclaiming: “Chocolate is my favorite, how did you know!?”

After we chatted he tapped me on the shoulder to compliment my interviewing skills and thanked me for coming out to talk with him.

This my friends is extremely rare and made the entire experience worth while.

Ryan Kwanten has a new fan.


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