To The Right Of The Red Carpet

Red Carpets are the best example where media outlets “rank” in Hollywood.

Normally Entertainment Tonight gets what’s called “first position”- meaning they get to interview the celebs before anyone else. Rumor has it- if they don’t get 1st position- they don’t show up.

Next come the other big national media; Access Hollywood, Extra, E!, TV Guide, CNN, Fox News, GMA, The Today Show, Ellen- then the local TV stations- followed by the bloggers, magazines and print and radio.

The further down the carpet you are the less chance you have of interviewing the celebs- since they are often out of gas and annoyed with stupid questions as the press line goes on.

I’ve been towards the front- fourth position at the Emmy’s and second to last- aka all the way to the right of the red carpet- like last night’s premiere of The Dilemma.

Few things make you feel smaller as a journalist than standing at the end, having to beg PR people for an interview, having celebs either try to shuffle by you or be pulled away by their “handler”.

It’s amazing how different a piece will look depending on where you’re placed and how it affects your mood. I left last night feeling deflated, exhausted and frustrated- starving and grumpy rather than excited to put together an awesome video that would get thousands of views on and our partner sites.

If any PR people or celebs read this post- I plead with you to do the entire press line. We’re only trying to help you look good and make our editors happy.

Oh and also- this thing called “the internet”- you should turn off your TV’s and check it out- all the kids are using it.

After getting dissed by Kevin James and his PR

1 Comment

  1. Javier Castillo says:

    aww who would diss you for an interview. I wish I was famous I would give everyone an interview 🙂
    imo i like celeb tv better than magazines and other hollywood news shows

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