Harsh Reality

I’ve grew up idolizing her, read her book, and have admired her for years- yet odds are unless I release a sex tape, go on a reality show* or get exposed in an affair with a major celebrity*- I’ll never sit across from Barbra Walters and be interviewed. To her, I’m not that facinating.

This morning  as I watched The Situation talk about his 10 million dollar 2010 while being fawned over by not only Ms. Walters- but all the ladies on The View- I came to grips with what society deems “Celebrity”.

Disturbing- yes? Reality- yes.

The way we inhale our news has brought exposure to athletes and celebs’ dark secerets. The same dark information that over paid PR was able to hide in years past. If the info somehow leaked it would be brushed off as “National Enquirer gossip” or a blind item.

Now irresponsible teens getting knocked up, drunks and homeless people are not only glamorized- but rewarded for their outlandish behavior.

And you know what?  I’m a bit jealous- but I’m also guilty.

I blog, tweet, interview and talk about these Situations on national media platforms- helping them rack up exposure and a paycheck. Landing them on couches of morning and late night TV hosts- the very couches my butt could only dream of gracing.

When I met another of my idols- Hoda Kotb this summer, she assured me that women like myself will have longer lasting careers in our “good girl” role.  She’s living proof of that.  As is Giuliana Rancic- who’s slowly becoming the skinny white Oprah though years of her hard work.

So while I’m tempted- I’ll avoid hitting “record” in the bedroom- and just enjoy the reality of others and their Situations.

* I competed on the 2001 ESPN reality show “Beg, Borrow and Deal” and appeared on a few episodes of season 3 of “Giuliana and Bill”.

*Angelina CALL ME! (Jolie not Jersey Shore)


  1. Oscar F Lopez says:

    KZ I don’t need you naked or in weird displays of shame and dishonesty acts to make me appreciate your talents. These reality celebrities are just one shot wonders. They will remembered by few and forgotten by others. Real star power is in the lobster and in the diligence to report the truth and just of the entertainment business. Sex tapes only prove that people are shallow and desperately need attention. Barbara Walter goes with mainstream. So that’s the criteria to be a celebrity. It’s a shame but its the way the business sees its opportunities for ratings.
    You are talented and beautiful. Desirable and charmi
    ng. Edgy with flare. Well did I get Barbara’s attention yet?

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