$0 Down

David Barton Gym was smart and handed out free one month passes to a large number of lucky Chicagoians- many haven’t even begun because they are afraid.

I understand- it’s intimidating to walk into a new gym space or class. But I promise you- it’s worth it.

This morning I did my first Shredded class since Jeff stopped teaching the 6a-7am Tuesday class.

Even though I work out about 5 times a week- 4 of them at that gym- I still felt the intimidation (in my head) of being the “new girl”.

Shame on me. I don’t care if you wake up, do the class and go back to bed- it’s worth it. This class can’t be missed.

Jeremy Walton sets up 5 rows of steps and weights- each with a different exercise. We did each station for 40 seconds then moved onto the next, then repeated 3 times.

Stations consisted of: jump squats, squats with weights on the bench, ab work, and plyometrics.

We then were led to the treadmills where we ran at any pace we wanted for 9 mins- and back in for 3 more rounds of 5 stations for :40 seconds each.

The class finished with a 2 bonus rounds and when the hour was finished we had worked our abs, quads, glutes, biceps, shoulders and done loads of cardio.

It was the hardest I’ve worked in a long time.

Here’s the link to the schedule:



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