Super Bowl #7

Houston, Jacksonville, Detroit, Miami, Phoenix, Miami, Dallas.

2003-2010- 6 for work, one for fun- but let’s face it, they’re all fun.

This year was unique in that I was traveling solo, with no “partner in crime” to sneak into parties with and rehash stories over breakfast. It was also the first time I only had a film crew for 6 hours- meaning I was free to enjoy the weekend’s events. In past year’s I’ve worked the entire time- literally. For example- last year in 3 days I was afforded 7 hours of sleep and 35 mins to shower and get ready.

I landed in Dalls Friday after a GQ party invite denial, a 5 hour snow delay and finding out the party I WAS  invited to was an icy hour cab ride away.

But it turned out the Dallas cab strike was the best thing that could have happened to me. I ended up sharing a cab with a Louisiana native who was there with his “music manager friends”. After bonding over our cabbie stopping at TWO gas stations (the first station was out of gas)- he offered to keep in touch since he knew his friends had fun stuff planned.

After every surreal weekend I always wish I would have taken photos to document the people I met and amazing parties I attended (GQ- I made it in thanks to Billy Madison and my favorite sports anchor).

BUT I know it’s discretion that celebs and PR appreciate. I also am very aware that if I would have even thought about pulling out my black berry and snapping a photo, my black wrist band would have been snipped off faster than you can say “Jonas Brothers”.

So once again- I learned to simply enjoy living in the moment. See you next year in Indy…

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