Two celebs who’ve helped my career the most are Britney Spears and Charlie Sheen.

2007/2008’s Spears antics got me booked on numerous news networks and put on the map.

Last night in Chicago- Charlie Sheen gave CelebTV a post show interview at Enclave…the only one.

I’ve been trying to get the attention of Letterman writer Eric Stangel with witty responses to his Tweets for months, but Sunday night he found me as I live Tweeted Sheen’s show.

Stangel even sent me a DM saying:

“thanks for the great sheen updates. i gave you a shout out! keep them coming. best, eric”

I picked up 600 Twitter followers throughout the night- all wanting to follow the life of the “Winning” Sheen.

We were denied an interview at his Enclave club apperance- being told; “He turned down Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone covers- he’s not talking to you!”

We were almost being removed by Enclave security twice. (Thanks to Michelle Molise PR for fighting for our spot)

We were shoved to the end of the red carpet…but luck had it- it was the right end.

Sheen’s goddesses appeared first thru the door we happened to be standing next to- the door celebs NEVER arrive thru. We turned the camera on them and I began to ask them, then Sheen questions.

He was polite, calm and sporting fake gold teeth. He gave us a few answers- but in the world of entertainment news-  even one sound bite is gold.

After I hugged my camera guy (Dave Raven), the night became a blur of hi fives and congrats from my fellow Chicago reporters and photogs.

I made sure to thank Simon Rex and Sheen’s tour manager Joey Scolari (@RadioVendetta) for also talking to us, packed up and left.

On the way out I bumped into E!’s Ken Baker, who I’ve done TV with- but never met in person.

Thanks to Brandon Carone from Enclave and our awesome intern Tori Rose as well.

While I don’t agree with just about anything he’s done lately, after last night’s career high- I’m definitely on Team Tiger Blood.

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