10 Best Things About My Trip To Spain

10. Challenging myself to speak a new language- and being humbled when ordering a cup of coffee was a challenge.

9. My first taste of a tapas bar selection- the freedom of walking up to a counter and choosing whatever you’d like to eat.

8. The metro in Madrid- I loved how clean and fast the public transportation is in Spain.

7.  The views from our hotel – The AC Barcelona. The pool overlooked the entire city and the mountians.

6. 41 Degrees cocktail lounge. We intended to have tables but our reservation was misplaced so we ended up sitting at the bar. I loved chatting with the bartenders and sous chefs who weren’t pretentious or stiff and were up for the challenge of making me drinks from scratch.

5. Club Opium- the late night club in Barcelona was right on the ocean and was half inside/outside. They played American music and the dance floor was packed. Same pretentious b.s. at the door to get in…but we managed.

4. The fashion and shopping. In every city we went to the streets were lined with boutiques and shops- similar to 3rd Street Promanade in California. The women in Spain have a casual yet never sloppy style that seems effortless and some of the local designers reflected that. Mango, Zara and a store called Hakei- which is spectular.

3. Dinner at Tickets. When we spotted chef Albert Adria wandering around 41 Degrees taking photos with customers- we were almost to shy to ask for a photo. After telling the bartender that we were with two American chefs- the info was passed along to Albert who not only came over to meet us- but insisted we stay for dinner. He even customized a menu without meat for me.

2. Hiking in San Sebastian- there is a hike you can take up to an old fort that overlooks the entire city. Stunning views of the bay and ocean.

1. Sunbathing like a local on the San Sebastian beaches.

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