Skinsheen Secret Weapon

Everyone- unless you’re Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried or my friend Lindsay Huff- looks better with a little tan.

But- I’m at the age of: Vanity vs Vanity.

I want a nice bronze glow, but I also want to stay out of the sun and keep my skin healthy.

I’ve tried various airbrush services around town (love Ortanic and GoldenGirls Chicago)…but sometimes I don’t have the 20 mins to spare.

While in Spain I got desperate for color and wandered into a department store and found MAC Skinsheen leg spray.

It comes out in a foam and I chose to be daring and use it everywhere on my body- not just on my legs. It created an instant beautiful and natural looking glow.

Since then I’ve been hooked and my closest friends fall for the natural looking color and think I’ve been making stealth trips to a tanning bed.

Other benefits; it has no odor, doesn’t come off on clothes and will stay on until you scrub it off in the shower.

You’re welcome.

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