What Are You Searching For?

When you have a blog you learn valuable information…like what people are typing into the Google and other search engines to find your blog and various other bits of info about you.

Every week I check in to see what people are browsing for…and I’ve decided that when I get a group of good search terms I’ll answer the questions here.

Last week’s Best Search Terms:

kelli zink naked– yes, I do- but you won’t find photos of this.

kelli zink breasts– real and spectacular, unless you ask my hair stylist who tells me I “need zee lift”.

kelli zinkenhanced– see above, not yet.

kelli zink birthday– December 4th- I like pink peonies.

nicole tempesta– my workout partner and good friend.

kelli zink bikini– just bought a few new ones from Bloomies. There are a few pics out there but I can promise you I don’t look sexy- mostly wet or sunburned.

erin huff – never met her…the names of two of my friends combined.

kelli zink fake tits– who’s buying? Kidding- see above.

kelly zink nude – sorry…unless Playboy calls- you won’t ever see pics.

kelli zink kyle – Kyle is my younger brother’s name.

kelli zink bra size- not really sure these days…I should probably get fitted.

fake nude photos of kelli zink – if you see some…yes they are fake.

kelli zink married – nope. Not yet, maybe not ever.

kelli zinc nude- come on man- at least spell my name right!!

how tall kelli zink  – 5’3. 5’7 in heels.

Thanks for asking!

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