One Night With Paris

Of the nearly five years covering celeb news- I’ve never interviewed Paris Hilton.

I’d been at parties with her, sat with her at clubs and shared mutual friends. One year at Sundance I was within 2 feet of her- my camera guy got her…but she refused interviews.

Last week as I stood on the red carpet of Privet Nightclub I was 98 percent positive Paris would refuse interviews once she hit the small red carpet or walk by me as her people said “No questions”.

In fact, when she walked into the room Paris made a bee-line to the other side of the room. Then she did something shocking- she paused…turned to the media and said: “I’ll be right back you guys.”

And she was. Paris Hilton spoke with every member of the Chicago media that was on that carpet…including the few that interviewed her with a flip cam.

She was nice, well spoken and answered all my questions…even those that had been deemed “off limits”.

I take back everything I’ve ever said that was less than polite.

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