(A Not So) Plain White Tee

I’m always looking for the perfect tee shirt to bum around in, wear to the gym, or dress down a fancy skirt.

Finding one isn’t as easy as it should be…as they are often-  too tight, too baggy, too stiff, too see-through, too expensive…etc.

My friend Klayton Korver and his brother Kyle have a line called Seer Outfitters, and all the proceeds go to their charity. The shirts are cut well for women’s bodies and are just loose enough to not have to worry about lumps or bumps showing. I’ve worn mine several times to work out in and with shorts and everytime I get complimented on it.

Today I decided to dress it up with a tee-shirt skirt for work at CelebTV and the skirt dressed it up enough that it passed the producer’s “camera test” and made it on air.

Check ’em out at: SeerOutfitters.com. (p.s. Kyle plays for the Bulls and often does giveaways at their pop up locations)

1 Comment

  1. Daniel Zink says:

    I hope we are not related because you are absolutely gorgeous, as well as a damn good reporter. Keep up the good work. I don’t have a facebook and I’m not trying to be a creeper; we just share a pretty uncommon last name and I thought that was pretty shibby.

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