The Other Olsen Sister

MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE is a film I’d been hearing about since Sundance and the star Elizabeth Olsen has officially broken out of her older sister’s twin shadows.

I screened the film last night and let me tell you- this is not a movie you go and see to unwind or relax. In fact, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time…to me it had the same feeling as “Black Swan”.

I loved it and I loved Elizabeth in the film- who is stunning despite the fact her character wears zero makeup.

Today I got to interview her and became an even bigger fan. She has the kind of laugh that is real and loud. In the elevator after the interview when she said their next stop was Dallas and she was pumped to eat ribs…I almost booked a ticket and asked to join.

She really is the kind of girl you want to have a beer with and ask fashion advice from. It’s rare to see a celeb get so animated about food- but she lit up when talking about dinner at The Publican the night before.

Go see this film- with the friend you know can handle indie films- and I promise you’ll love her too.

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