Day 3: Juice Freedom

By yesterday afternoon I was doing pretty well. The hunger had subsided and I felt like if I wanted to work out, I would have enough energy to do so.

Also- my stuffy nose had completely cleared up. This is a strong indication that I should be cutting all dairy from my life once again.

But around 7:00pm I hit a major wall and was tired of being miserable so…around 9pm I broke and enjoyed  a crab cake and french fries from Hugo’s Frog Bar.

I didn’t get sick or feel sick and this morning I kicked off the day with another juice which provided me instant energy.

So even though I only lasted a day and 3/4, I got exactly what I wanted from this cleanse.

I realized:

– I hate cleanses.

– Eating clean foods will make me feel better and clear up any sinus problems I’ve been having.

– I should be adding green juice to my life on a daily basis, something my best friend Ryan Preuett has been telling me for months.

For you who are interested in the lbs part of this cleanse- yes I dropped some weight. No idea how much since I never step on a scale (unless at the doctors, where I turn my head and ask them not to tell me what I weigh). My guess is about 3 lbs of mostly water weight since my favorite pair of jean shorts are pretty baggy today.

My friend Anne Marie who does this cleanse on a regular basis and LOVES it- says she averages about 8lbs per 3 days.

If you’re interested in; going thru hell/torture/starvation/cleansing/teaching yourself what your body NEEDS vs WANTS/getting a glow then check out:


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