Making The Cut

Our entire lives we are fighting for a spot.

A place at the lunch table, a seat on the team bench, being the one hired for the job.

And when we’re edged out, nothing feels worse. When there is a list and we’re the one who’s cut, we wonder what we did, what we could have done and who took our place.

Paranoia builds until we have to let it go or it will drive us insane.

I was approached to interview Gerard Butler two weeks ago for his new film; “Machine Gun Preacher”. We responded immediatly to the studio that we would love to sit down and talk about the film with the actor.

I screened the film, and had my questions prepared, and a producer and camera crew booked. Then, two days before the interview,  the studio informed us that Gerry’s schedule was too tight and our time with him had been cut.

While we’re used to actor’s schedules shifting, it’s never a happy moment when we learn an interview has been canceled.

What’s worse? We’ve been reading tweets, FB posts and seen him on nearly every other form of media in town today. Did they respond before us? Are they more prepared? Or does the studio not understand that media is moving into a digital space?

I’ll never have the answers, because it’s not my place to ask.

Instead we’ll let this motivate us all to make our product better so that in the future we won’t be the one to be eliminated.

By the way Gerry- I LOVED the film.

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