Fashion Day 2011

New York has a week…but when given a day- Chicago will blow the roof off the chance to celebrate fashion!

The entire city was buzzing yesterday and even football took a backseat in my brain as I prepared to interview two of my favorite men in fashion.

I have loved Brian Atwood since the moment I slipped into one of his shoes. I swear that the second I tried on a pair of his Maniac pumps, I felt like the kind of woman who could afford them and rock any situation. Then I saw a photo of Brian, with his then boyfriend Nate Berkus (another man crush of mine) and I was blown away by his good looks.

Years later, I am a loyal fan and would choose to spend the cash on a pair of his work than any shoe with a red bottom.

But what shocked me the most was meeting Brian in person. He was warm, outgoing, charismatic, kind and physically perfect.

We talked about my shoes (cobalt Atwood’s that were a gift from Ryan) and he remembered when I tweeted him with excitement about opening the Anniversary gift. We shot a fun segment and he introduced me to his equally as handsome fiance. We parted ways, knowing I’d be able to celebrate with him later at the event I was co-hosting with him for Fashion’s Night Out at Saks.

A few hours later I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of one of my favorite reality stars- Brad Goreski…in a dress that was on backwards.

See, I had taken a gamble with an Anna Sui sequined number from Rent The Runway and my co workers told me it looked better in reverse. I took their advice and paired it with a Hakei blazer from Spain, the cobalt Atwoods and a vintage bag.

The crowd waiting for Brad was INSANE. We joked that Brad Pitt must be the guest of honor. But finally Brad Goreski sauntered over in a dashing orange blazer and made me feel like I was the only woman in the room.

He complimented my dress (even when I told him it was on in reverse) and we had a mini dance party during the interview.

I purposely avoided asking questions about the drama between him and his former boss Rachel Zoe- and I’m glad I did. After our chat he thanked me for asking kind and insightful questions, and said he’d love to come in our studio when he was back in Chicago in October.

Brad- we’re going to hold you to that!

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