Working On The Weekend

My alarm went off at 5am today, and I literally laughed at it. This weekend’s champagne problems made for a sleepy Monday morning.

Here’s my weekend in photos:

With Ryan at the Joffrey Ballet’s Couture and Cocktails on Friday night. I worked the red carpet and emceed the event. Afterwards we hit up the new Pump Room- it was delicious.

Noon Saturday- at the Culinary Tent for Chef Ryan Poli and Patrick Sheerin’s Vegan Grilling demo. It was pouring rain.

2 pm Saturday- With the awesome Emilio and Matt Roan. They were holding down the tunes in the VIP Bon Appetit tent.

Saturday afternoon sometime- with Ryan Preuett and Anderson Bell. We cruised the fest together and managed to stay out of trouble.

Saturday evening 7pmish- Carl Galvin’s VIP reception at the Palmer House Hilton. Above is a photo he took …and according to him that is 1 KILO of caviar. Fancy. The party was rockin’- but we were beat and bedtime came soon after.

photo: sale

Sunday morning- Checked out Dose Market. I loved the vintage finds and picked up an awesome pair of brass hoops made by a local designer.

And finally- Sunday evening- back to Pump Room with the entire Mercadito Hospitality crew for a bit of a Spain reunion. We tried and loved most of the menu. Some things just aren’t supposed to be photographed.


  1. sammi says:

    saw your very important story on celebs without makeup. im so glad you are reporting such great news! the little girls of america really need you to show them that you have to have makeup on to be beautiful! you are an inspiration! and i bet you always look picture perfect!!!!

    • kellizink says:

      we try to put a positive spin on our “without makeup” stories, and no I am not picture perfect without make up…or with it for that matter but I try and love the skin I’m in regardless.

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