Just Do It- Miami Style

This Saturday was supposed to be a quick trip  to Miami with Nike.

I had a 7:40 am flight and a 9am return Sunday morning. But thanks to tropical storms in Miami- I didn’t arrive until 5:22pm Saturday evening.

But as we all know- amazing things can happen, even in only 17 hours.

In the lobby of the Shore Club I met the crew of roughly 11 males and one female that would be my companions for trip. The group contained Nike PR and marketing folks, and bloggers from around the country.

We piled into two Escalades and got to know each other on the 45 min rainy ride to FIU for the LeBron/Wade charity game.

Even us jaded bloggers were in awe of the awesomeness of the small venue and heated NBA game. We took pics on our mobile devices, tweeted pics of our new swag and stood on our feet for the game that went into OT.

Around midnight we finally rolled into Prime 112 for dinner and were sat in a horseshoe-shaped booth that fit us perfectly and allowed for more fun banter.

A few hours later- and a costume change for a few of us (had to rock my new Ani Lee from Sofia!) and we were walking into club Arkadia at the Fontainebleau Hotel.

Champagne, two tables, and dancing on furniture- Nike knows how to entertain.

The night was so much fun that when my wake-up call woke me up for the airport 3 hours later, I didn’t mind the lack of sleep.

I owe the weekend to Brian Strong and Cindy Hamilton from Nike PR for inviting me and for making sure I had an amazing time and made my flight.

Nike- call me again anytime you want to Just Do It.

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