Be Bright Pink

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, but thanks to Lindsay Avner and Bright Pink- I feel like awareness and prevention is always top of mind.

I’ve been working with the charity for four years and I’m always inspired by the strength of the women I meet who have been effected by the disease.

But on Monday I was affected in a whole different way when my friend Giuliana shared she had breast cancer on The Today Show.

I found out the news with the rest of the nation and was immediately shocked and panicked. I had so many questions to ask her, but other than a few words of encouragement- I didn’t want to fill up her inbox with anything else.

G has always been the “older sister” I go to for career, guy and life advice- she is one of the strongest females I know.

So instead of asking her, I spoke to Lindsay who assured me that she was helping G on her journey and that she would beat this disease like the badass she is.

I am so grateful that she has this support system during this time and I truly feel it was fate that we were all connected.

A lot of people have reached out to me and asked how they can let Giuliana know that she is in their thoughts. Bright Pink has set up an email and will be passing along the messages- and knowing Rancic- she will read every last one.


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