Backwards Down The Number Line

I turned another year older Sunday, and while I dread birthdays…this one wasn’t so bad.

  • I got to see Jay-Z and Kanye’s ‘Watch The Throne’ show- which was the best concert I’ve ever been to.
  • My friends rallied an amazing crowd for a house party (making almost one year since I’ve given up clubs), and people I never would have expected to show up- did.
  • I celebrated and remembered ever detail- since I was dealing with a herniated disk in my back, rather than pounding champagne.
  • The doctor friends in my life rallied to get me out of bed and walking for the party- and that included taking calls around the clock, half the time as I was in tears from the pain.
  • I had a perfect Sunday birthday that included; lounging in pjs eating brunch with friends and football.
  • The Nike event I was invited to didn’t allow a “plus one” and I realized that at this point in my life- I’m ok with going places alone and taking risks. Plus- I got some sweet ski boots!
  • I had a wonderful dinner with one of the most important people in my life.
  • My ears were sparkling from a very special gift, and ringing from phone calls wishing me a happy day.
  • And last but not least- I was only sung to once- in the privacy of a home. And while it did make me cry (I HATE THE BDAY SONG) it was sung out of love.

Thanks again to:  everyone who remembered to text or call me, those who showed up to toast me in person, to the amazing party host and very special friend, people at Nike, Dr. Terry, Dr. Kauf and Dr. Broomhead, Policy for calling everyone and reminding them to show up, Nicole and Matt for the gift pack and cupcakes, Igor for the Elysian surprise, Charles for the fancy pink champagne, RP for being my male rock (even if he did root for Wisconsin) and Ryan for the get-well care package and Grizzle gift.

Cheers to 36o-something more days till  I have to celebrate again..

me with some of the ladies at my party- dress is from Sofia.

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