Last week I was in LA covering the American Giving Awards for Chase’s social media campaign.

Since the show was sponsored by Chase, we were first poposition on the red carpet, and backstage- which is the kind of access that makes my job easy.

J.R. Martinez was hands down the nicest and most thoughtful celeb I’ve ever interviewed. I spoke with him on the carpet and when I went to chat with him again backstage- he greeted me by name, which is incredibly rare.

Rodney Atkins was also very friendly- and these crazy allegations on TMZ today seem that much more insane considering how nice he was to the entire crew.

I also have to admit that Miley Cyrus was very polite, and 50 Cent- well he is just the bomb. He even complimented me on my dress.

Big thanks to my producers Julie McGivern, Gary and Sue- and my hard working crew. Plus Karen Kopp- who did my hair and make-up and made me feel like I belonged on the red carpet for a night. Dress- Nicole Miller, Rent The Runway.

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