What’s In Your Rider?

Nicki Minaj is performing at the Super Bowl with Madonna this year, and while she’s a big deal to the kids…I wouldn’t say she’s a household name yet.

But with catering requests like this- apparently she thinks she’s kind of a big deal:

(via Hollywood Reporter)

 12 bottles of Martinelli’s Apple Juice

6 iced and 6 at room temperature. The same half-iced, half-room temp requirement goes for the 24 bottles of Dasani Water she needs.

Other drinks: Snapple, Red Bull, assorted fruit juices and Simply Lemonade.

 12-piece bucket of “spicy” fried chicken with “lots of wings,” and “no thighs.”

Egg whites and turkey bacon, belgium waffles with syrup, powdered sugar, butter, strawberries and whipped cream.

Three packs of gum, salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, Wishbone Light Italian dressing, green olives, fruit platter, cheese platter, a deli tray, Bumble Bee tuna in water, and wheat or low fat crackers.

So that got me thinking…if I were famous – what would I want in my rider?

Sweedish Fish- only the red ones

Fat-free hummus and Special K Sea Salt crisps

Caprese salad

5 Five Hour Energy drinks- grape flavor

Simply Fruit oj

Smart Water- room temp

and Tom Brady.

What would be in YOUR rider?

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