Super Bowl XLVI- Indianapolis

Having been to 7 Super Bowls, I’ve learned a few things about the events surrounding the weekend and how to navigate them.

Such as- making sure you’re on the list or with an A list person who can walk you in, comfortable shoes to slip on for when you have to walk everywhere, having all address info so you’re never lost and in cold weather cities…the parties are always better.

My 8th SB experience didn’t disappoint.

Here are the highlights:

  • Kim Murray- the best wingman ever. From making the 3 hour drive, to bringing shoes she could last till 6am in and being a stunning partner in crime.

  • Waking the red carpet at the NFL Honors Awards show and getting to see Coach Mariucci, Marshall Faulk, EW, Jen Love, Creasy, Eisen, Scott Phelps, Jaclyn and Mark Shapiro- former co workers who were running the show.
  • The buffet at the ESPN party- crab claws, and a chocolate fondue fountain were the perfect base for the night. Added plus- I got to see my former co worker Adam Schefter.
  • The Bud Light Hotel party. Everything about this party was amazing from the two Bud Light guys who gifted us w/VIP credentials, to the side stage view of Pitbull and 50 Cent, meeting Lions QB Matt Stafford, arguing with Faulk about MSU basketball, our 50 Cent photo op and meet and greet,  and our friend Trey Wingo and his buddy Rob who made it all possible.

  • The rickshaw ride with Kim to the 1Oak pop up party. Freezing, under a blanket- the only way to ride.
  • 1Oak’s party which was in an abandoned church? gym? school? no clue- but it was awesome. Colin Comer- who is their director of marketing in Vegas- put us on the uber exclusive list. Once inside the Don Julio was flowing and Lil Jon was on the DJ table.
  • Chatting with Joe Manganiello who was totally cool and fun. Dancing with Antonio Brown who was dead sober and smiling like he just won the Super Bowl- happiest guy I’ve ever met. Drooling over my ultimate crush Gabe Saporta while he was cool enough to chat with me for a few. Laughing with TO and his body guard. Seeing my LA buddies Tyler Barth and Nik and Evan from Chicago.
  • Steak and Shake “4th meal” where we saw and said hello to Lance Bass, spilled an entire diet coke, and had some interesting conversation…

The fact that our car had been towed- fault of the hotel- couldn’t damper our spirits. It was a Super Bowl I’ll never forget.

*Special thanks to Lindsey, Haley and James who also tried to help me out!

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