RPM Italian

Last night I went to a tasting dinner at RPM Italian.

Tasting dinners are an awesome perk of being friends with people who own and open new restaurants. Most of the time you get to try the food before anyone else, and it’s all free. Everything tastes better when it’s free- no joke. But this food was so good that I would pay double to have it again.

I went with Matt, Nicole and Shaun and the four of us sat at the bar. I know what you’re thinking: “4 people sat at the bar…that’s weird.” It actually wasn’t- we sat at the corner of the bar and received the same attentive service they deliver in the main dining room.

Here were my highlights and what to order:

  • Lobster Caprese Salad- a modern twist on the classic. Perfect for two people to share.
  • Burrata cheese- honestly the best burrata I’ve ever had. Seasoned so well and served with delicious crispy warm bread.
  • Sea Bass Crudo- wow. even if you’re not a fan of raw fish you’ll love this.
  • Mushroom Pizza- think personal pan pizza with a modern and gourmet twist. I couldn’t stop eating it…and I rarely eat pizza period.
  • Squid Ink Pasta- spicy with huge chunks of seafood. delicious.
  • Sole- white fish cooked to perfection.
  • Bone In Ribeye- I didn’t touch it but the people I ate with loved it.
  • Parm Roasted Potatoes- once again seasoned perfectly and crispy on the outside and warm and perfect when you cut into them.
  • Cannolis- I don’t even eat dessert anymore but I devoured them and fought for the last bite.
  • Some dessert with “Bill” in the name- tasted like Jello pudding with drugs in it. That good.
  • The drink with tequila and grapefruit juice- I forget the name…(sorry Paul McGee!) It was not too sweet, refreshing and delicious.

Also worth mentioning- the fact that the music wasn’t too loud and I could actually hear my friends at dinner and the random lady who crashed the party and asked if she could have the bone from our steak for her dog.

Thanks again to; Molly, Jerrod, RJ, Martha and Rich Melman and Bill and Giuliana Rancic for having us in. We will be back.

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