Grouchy Oscars

I’ll admit it… I’m not the biggest fan of the Oscars.

I much prefer music awards shows or even the Golden Globes- which have a more fun vibe to them.

No disrespect to anyone who was nominated, or put on the show…but it’s just a bit stuffy and long for my tastes. Hopefully over time I’ll grow into them.

We covered the Oscars from our newsroom in Chicago. Want to know why? Cause we can turn around Billy Crystal’s monologue before you hit your bathroom break and get around 388,000 thousand views on that video. You dig?

I didn’t really have a favorite moment, but I did love the whole Angelina leg deal and Seacrest’s ash-taster.

I give him major props for handling it as well as he did, if it were me I would have:

1. cried since the borrowed gown I was wearing was most likely ruined.

2. felt stupid and sorry for myself.

3. laughed and laughed. hopefully I’d do step 3 while live on TV, I mean- it was pretty hilarious.

Anyhow, I don’t have that problem from here in Chicago (and because I’m not famous enough for it to be funny) so for now I’ll just applaud Ryan for keeping it real.

Awards season is complete! See you next year Academy…

Ashes? What ashes?

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