Spartyball 2012

Go Green! Go White!

Stop judging me, I bleed green and white for Michigan State and I was honored to be an Executive Host along with some of my other favorite alums.

Hey Mateen- remember when we rode on the fire truck in the parade together after we won the Championship?

The event was Saturday night at the River East Arts Center, which was transformed into a Green paradise- think Emerald City. We listened to some VIP boosters speak, hugged and shook hands with Mateen Cleaves, Pat Boyle and Jason Andreas and his lovely wife and met Ty Garland and his beautiful wife.

not green…but you get the idea?

Then we hit the dance floor. My friends Raj, Lisa and Nick were our dance partners and we half danced/half laughed as the “band” played such classics as; “Tell Me What You Want”  by the Spice Girls.

Eric, me, Raj and Lisa on the dance floor


All in all it was an amazing event and every Spartan who can get to Chicago should attend next year’s bash.

Special thanks to Eric Bolf- who is the man behind the alumni group who contacted me for this.


Lisa Frame is now an honorary Spartan

Shaun- who’s also an MSU alumni

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