Moment Of Weakness

I can’t spell, I’m a little loopy and the meat dish they are cooking up on The Chew looks amazing.

I feel like I’m losing my mind.

It’s day 4 of my juice cleanse and this is the longest I’ve ever consumed only juice and gone without food in my entire life. In fact, last time on day #2 I broke down crying by 9pm.

In the past I’ve had cocktails with the juice, egg white omelets, and have given up. Not sure why this time is so different. Perhaps because I started on Monday- a day I wasn’t in the office?Or maybe it’s because I’ve been eating anything in sight lately and realized I had a week until I’d be frolicking in a bikini in the Mexican sunshine?

At any rate… it’s been going pretty well (except for almost throwing up last night while dancing) and my goal is to juice thru Sunday.

Who knows if I’ll make it. The fact that my skin is 10 times softer and less “aged” and my clothes are fitting much better are helping things. BUT- my co workers just asked me for lunch suggestions… and I may faint from the sheer anger.

When I end the cleanse I’ll update with a post on the various brands I tried this week (three) and how much I lost.

If the blog goes dark it’s cause I’m passed out somewhere in a puddle of juice.


  1. 1206ca says:

    My wife… only organic food…. exerciser, 2 hrs daily, swimmer, hiker, perfect… was diagnosed with stage-4 adenocarcinoma (lung cancer) last year… along with Tarceva, as part of her treatment protocol she is juicing like crazy … she has responded spectacularly well…. we are… “Seeking NED”™…

    In short… keep with your juicing… you go girl…

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