Juice Like Jagger

Yes, I realize these blog titles are getting more and more ridiculous, but you know what people? I don’t care- I have been drinking liquids for FIVE days now.

Last night my guy shrieked (in a straight guy kinda way) when he touched me and felt ribs. He then demanded I eat today- God bless a man who likes women with curves right?

Sorry hunny- not done yet.

Here is what I’m currently drinking:

It’s awesome. It tastes like a strawberry milkshake. (with a kinda awful after taste- but keep drinking it so you don’t notice)

Last night  my co worker Jen Fisher and new camera dude Daniel and I all worked the red carpet for some event which we are still not clear on exactly what it was.

Caesar’s Casino had something to do with it, and it was broadcast in four cities with celebs attending each one.

Chicago’s event had; Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles and Bill and Giuliana Rancic.

Thanks to Luis Gomez, AGAIN, for passing along the info to us. Hopefully our new friends at PMK will invite us from now on.

We showed up to cover the event even though we were placed LAST on the carpet, and were guaranteed no interviews with anyone. That’s just how we roll.

I text Giuliana earlier in the day asking her not to snub me when she saw me on the red carpet. I was half kidding.

Sara talked to us and seemed engaged (I did my research and found she is stoked to see Hunger Games) until she was dragged away.

Then B and G hit the carpet and the PR rep said they may not talk to us.

But luckily for me, I wasn’t lying and I really am *real life friends* with them and they both came over and delivered hugs and kisses and a hilarious interview. I mean- I WISH we could air the stuff Bill was saying. He was a blast last night.

Adam and the band then stepped onto the carpet and talked to the house crew. Believe me, if their handler hadn’t whisked them away- they would have chatted with us, at least for a question or two. But that’s how the game is played.

Here is our happy crew on the carpet in one of the most awkward staged photos ever. My friend Tasos was shooting for Getty and the PR girls wanted a pic of the media bracelets…so we posed.

Say cheese! On second thought… don’t. I’m still starving.

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