Windy City —-> West

Hey look at me- I’m blogging from the air.

Just one of the reasons I love Virgin Airlines- I can be online while I watch TV. It’s like I never left work…wait- that’s not cool- I’m on vacation.

Anyhoo..I’m on the way to LA for the 3rd Annual Windy City West event at M Street Kitchen. It used to be called LGO, but somewhere along the way the name got swapped out. The event is basically a big party for LA celebs and people who have a Chicago connection. The Melman family bring out all the best Chicago food staples and it’s a really fun event that I look forward to every year.

Then tomorrow I leave for Cabo- where it will hopefully be warm enough for a bikini.

Which leads me to the juice cleanse results.

I decided to quit juicing after a solid 5 days, because on Friday night I had a glass of wine (or two) to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthdays. Clearly Saturday morning I woke up feeling like death and decided that was the day to chew again. My first meal was from Lux Bar; a crab cake, veggie burger and baked potato. I had about 5 bites before I felt sick and had to take a pause. My fault- they tell you to break the cleanse with veggies and broth, not remoulade…but whatever. Saturday night I had a salad and Sunday morning, I finished the salad after my workout and I felt fine.

Would I do a cleanse again? Hells yes. I felt lighter, more aware and alert, my skin felt softer, eyes looked brighter and I SWEAR my eye lashes grew.

And the part ya’ll prpbably care about- I lost weight. Probably a lot. I didn’t weigh myself before…but on Saturday am pre-meal I weighed much less than I think I normally do. I’d say I dropped about 5 lbs, even my airbrush tanner Jenn Dias noticed.

I will also say that my for junk food cravings have been muffled. Today at the airport I didn’t even have McDonald’s breakfast…which NEVER happens.

I have added back some of the water weight that I lost, but I still feel much more svelte than I did a week ago…and that was the goal.

And with that-

“I’m leaving…going back home to the West Coast. I wish you could put yourself in my suitcase.” – Coconut Records

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