Bachelor Black Hole

I almost didn’t even want to write up a blog on this season of The Bachelor, but then I saw Barbara Walters  weighing in on The View today… and well, that makes it ok in my eyes.

I’m still having trouble understanding why America is mad at Courtney.

If anything- be upset with all men. All Courtney Robertson did was look super sexy and woo Ben with sex. Duh.

Have any of you ladies ever lost a man to a woman who was crazier than you and wondered “WTF!?”? Well- I think it’s safe to say that most men could give a s*&t if a lady is crazy as long as she’s crazy sexy too.

Ok- I can hear you clicking off this blog- but HOLD IT…and admit that no matter how smart and classy YOU are and how WONDERFUL your man is….somewhere in your life you’ve seen this happen.

So I say we applaud the “winner” of this insane show, if nothing else maybe she gave some of us some ideas on how to snag that jerk we’ve been longing for.

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