Love me some ME

Hi. Sorry it’s been a hot min since I’ve updated BUT (isn’t there always a “but”) I unplugged last week while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas and yesterday… well… ya’ll know how it is to play catch up after a 7 day wireless vacay.

Cabo was FANTASTIC. We stayed at the ME Cabo- same hotel chain we chose for Cancun- and while it was smaller, it was equally as beautiful with Ocean views steps from the beach.

Plus, it was a few doors down from The Mango Deck…a total Spring Break party spot, so we could walk down for an hour and watch the kiddies have fun. Ok, maybe I had a little fun too- that’s what happens when your parents deny you a spring break! Kidding. Kinda.


Me and Shaun at The Mango Deck


Another amazing casual spot on the beach with delicious food and a blanket on every chair- The Office. All of the friends we asked about where to go told us to run directly to this spot and they were on point.


Nikki Beach was at our hotel- and this style of dinner was an option. Very romantic under the moonlight.


Mugging for the camera as soon as we arrived to the hotel pool. Love me some ME- believe that!

It didn’t even matter that we missed our connection on the way back and had to stay in LA…except for the fact that I missed one of my close gf’s birthday parties (she will forgive my by 2013 I just know it!) because we ate at Izaka-Ya in Manhattan Beach which is one of the most BOMB sushi spots ever. (Shaun agreed, even though he was so tired and sun burned that we had to leave the meal early.)

And I was a total cliche upon my return… feeling like I needed a vacation from vacation, but I’ll take my #whitegrlproblems and power on.

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