Full House

Yesterday we had the TV Guide Channel up in here to tape a special: “Full House- Where Are They Now?”.

The show is going to be an hour special and have various personalities talking about the show, cast and their careers.

Ever watch VH-1 “I Love The 80’s” or E!’s “Best Beach Bodies”? It’s like that. So my role is to try and say funny and factually correct info for them to sprinkle through the show.

This is a lot of pressure people…seeing as I’m not a comedian like my friends Michelle Collins or Alison Rosen. Those chicks can shake off one liners faster than you can laugh at them. Plus- TV Guide provides you with pages and pages of notes and video clips to memorize to help with the info. It’s kinda like being back in school and taking the best test ever.

I think it went ok…I did see the audio guy chuckle a few times (or maybe he was laughing at a text he was getting) and I saw the producer trying not to smile- but we won’t know till it airs.

As soon as I find out the air date I’ll post it for all of you to ignore watch.

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